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16 May 2016

Why USB’s Are A Good Idea This Summer

Posted by alan on 16/05 | 0 comments
Why USB’s Are A Good Idea This Summer

Summer draws nearer and everyone is beginning to make preparations for their holidays. Whether you plan on going abroad or even just visiting some family, it’s quite likely you’ll be doing some travelling.

We all love to get away now and again, but it’s also important to have our files with us should the need arise or the occasion call for it. When taking an extended journey, having everything we need is important, and this includes a way to access any of our work folders. But don’t worry we have a whole load of different flash drives available.

Why Is A USB Flash Drive The Correct Choice When Travelling?

When travelling, USB devices are a great item to have. Having a reliable way to access any important documents while you’re away could make all of the difference. Not only for work, but also for personal files. Whether you are looking to do some work while you’re away or want to organise and make backups of the great photos you have taken you can always find a great reason to use a USB device.

Why Not Use A Cloud Storage Method?

Cloud storage is a great way of keeping your data in an easy to find location. It does have the downside of if you can’t access the internet for any reason then that’s it you can’t access it. While where you decide to go may have internet access, it’s highly unlikely that you can guarantee that this access may be unavailable at some point. Having your files on an easy to use USB that you can keep with you will guarantee that you can access your files wherever you are.

But If I Use A USB Drive Couldn’t Someone Steal My Valuable Files?

This is not true, While someone may be able to get their hands onto your usb device, there are plenty of programs out there that can help you to encrypt them. This means that without a specific password that you set, even with your usb device your files will not be seen by anyone else. This helps you protect important company information or even just prevent people snooping through your private files.

All in all, USB Flash Drives are a much more reliable way of getting access to your data when you need it. Being able to keep your flash drive on you is much better for ease of minds when it comes to security. And you will not need to rely on an internet connection to get what you want done.

Where are you going on your travels this summer? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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