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26 Jun 2017

Free USB Sticks Make an Excellent Addition to Your Reputation Management Campaign

Posted by alan on 26/06 | 0 comments
Free USB Sticks Make an Excellent Addition to Your Reputation Management Campaign

If you are in the position of having to mount a reputation management campaign, you need all the help you can get. The best way to begin is not with a cringing apology to your enemies but with a direct appeal to your customers. Bypassing the naysayers and going directly to your supporters is always the best reaction to a public relations gaffe or other form of mishap. When it's time to make amends, do it directly to the public with a gesture of goodwill that they won't soon forget. An excellent way to do so is to hand them a series of free promotional gifts that will smooth over any sore feelings.

Handing Out Free Promo USB Sticks Is an Excellent Goodwill Builder

When it comes time to repair the damage caused by some sort of public relations disaster, the first thing you need to do is consider the feelings of your customers. Did the mishap have something to do with a perceived slight toward them? If so, you will need to make it up to them with a rapid and very public gesture of mollification. One of the best ways to do so is to hand out a series of free promotional items. USB sticks make an excellent choice for this gesture. The handiness and universal appeal of this item speaks for itself.

When You Need to Win the Public Back to Your Side, Give Them Real Value

If you're going to win back the approval of the public, you need to give them an item that will add a significant amount of value to their order. You need to do this all the more since you are publicly rewarding them for continuing to patronize your business during a dark chapter of your career. Recovering from a public relations gaffe is serious hard work. You can make your task easier by rewarding your customers with an extra round of first class service, topped off with a small token of your continuing affection.

USB Sticks Make the Best Possible Promo Item for Your Goodwill Campaign

You should consider making free promotional USB sticks the defining feature of your reputation management campaign. These items are very cheap and easy to manufacture. They can be handed out to the public by the thousands. Doing so will put only the tiniest notch in your operational budget. These items are small, easy to add to any order, and can be used by millions of people in all manner of situations. USB sticks make the ultimate free promotional highlight of your image repair initiative.

A Free Promotional Campaign Will Help You Stick to Your Guns

You can leverage the positive results you reap from a free promotional campaign to help you outlast all of the negative publicity you receive in the wake of a public relations disaster. While some damage may linger from the mishap for quite some time to come, your main focus should be on pacifying the anger or dissatisfaction of your public. To do this, a series of free promotional USB sticks is an excellent solution. By offering them an olive branch in the form of a handy power bank, you can focus their attention on the value they continue to receive from your business.

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