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17 Aug 2016

Why Promotional Flash Drives Are Great For Business

Posted by alan on 17/08 | 0 comments
Why Promotional Flash Drives Are Great For Business

You have received your mugs, your fancy pens, your ball caps and your little stationery pads at exhibitions and meetings, and you have given your fair share of the same old tricks to your prospective clients and partners. The problem that all of you share is that you rarely have the need for any of these things, so when you do need them you can’t seem to find them or forget that they even exist.

If you have pondered the idea of promoting your company with flash drives I would have to say you’re on to something there. In today’s competitive climate, your image needs to be in their presence all the time, and promoting your company with flash drives is not only a gift that gives back, it keeps you on everybody’s desk. You are in their briefcase, in their pockets, on their key chains. You are toted along to, and even carry the vital statistics for, the sales meeting. By promoting your company with flash drives you have made yourself indispensable, and that makes you a genius.

Cheaper Than You Think

If you believe that promoting your company with flash drives may not be a cost effective decision, it is important to remember that everything in bulk is a whole other ball game when it comes to your bottom line.

Customisation Is Key

The possibilities are endless, from the materials you choose to the ultimate design of your mass order, which could end you up with a USB flash drive that looks just like a brushed metal pen or even a pocket knife. They can be branded, they can be engraved, USB flash drives can be whatever you want them to be and then some. Not only can you let your companies name, personality, and logo be noticed, but promoting your company with flash drives shows your initiative to be put to good, practical use. You may pay more, initially, for these little treasures, but the benefits offered to their recipients, and thus to you, will be well worth the cost.

Data Storage Has Come A Long Way

First we had the floppy, a funny little flat square that felt pretty firm to us, but it worked and we thought we were all set. Enter the ZIP module, quite a bit larger and definitely more powerful, and we considered ourselves pretty cool. Now came the CD/R, which is still a nearly irreplaceable commodity when dealing with information storage, but is basically disposable and has technological limitations. In 1998, we were introduced to the USB flash drive, and none of us have looked back since. The possibilities are endless for this microcomputer, and if one has a computer, one needs and can use a flash drive. Engraving your company name on this indispensable dynamo could never be a bad thing.

At USB Trader we have loads of fantastic flash drives for you to choose for your own promotional campaign. So have a look and see if we have the right item for you.

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