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06 Mar 2017

What Makes Printed USBs and Power Banks So Good for Your Brand

Posted by alan on 06/03 | 0 comments
What Makes Printed USBs and Power Banks So Good for Your Brand

Ever since people and companies realised they needed to get, people to know who and what they were and what they sold there has been the need to promote brand awareness. It is impossible to overstate how important this is for a company.

Successful brand awareness can be seen in the popular game of how many brand symbols anyone can recognise. Coca-Cola, Nike, and Ford are only a minuscule number of examples how well it can work. Zog probably had the same problem when he was trying to convince people to try his new contraption, the wheel, so the need for brand awareness has been around for a very long time.

Many different avenues have been used to get a company's name into the public eye. A more infamous way was how cigarette companies handed out free cigarettes and sponsored supposedly healthy sporting activities, alcohol companies did much the same, and they also use horses (hello Budweiser Clydesdales) and adorn their delivery trucks with their name and emblem.

TV and Cinema advertising is de rigueur for any company hoping to make a profit and have the money to spare. The list is a long one and sometimes less than illustrious. The list of companies that don't have those resources is also long. The means they have of getting their name out is more limited, but the need for promotion is still there. It's also arguably more important for them in terms of building a customer base.

They have the same enthusiasm for marketing and being small they also have to be rather more inventive. We've seen many items with names of companies, out to make a buck, emblazoned on them; T-shirts, pens, umbrellas, you name it they've been used. Now there are two more additions to the promotional arsenal out there trying to grab our attention and make the company more recognisable in the marketplace. USB's and Power Banks.

Pens and the like are on the out it seems, in favour of the need for items that fit our needs better in the global information, internet savvy, small beans companies of today. And let's face it, they have the same appeal as pens. They are cheap, easy to mass produce and easy to give away to clients and anyone else interested in a freebie they can actually use. These devices are built to last a long while so getting an extended from of brand impression is also vital and guaranteed with a USB or a Power Bank.

We all need a USB like we still need pens, but let's look at the advantages of Power Banks first. How often does our mobile phone run out of charge just when we need it the most, or at some other inopportune time. For example, if you’re scheduled for a valuable meeting over the phone with a client and your phone dies… Well, you may have just lost yourself a pretty penny! It happens to people all the time, mobile phones are so powerful nowadays and the battery just can’t keep up. So the solution? Power Banks! No further problems, and it’s not like they’re hard to carry around with you, sizing in at the size of a modern phone if not far smaller.

USBs are of course, more ubiquitous than a Power Bank in today’s world and more useful as well, although it can be argued the other way. Where would we be without one USB at least and two or more for backup in case things go badly wrong? So it makes sense to use them as promotional tools for the reasons stated here to help promote the company and encourage growth and future prosperity.

Being cheap to make, fast to produce and long lasting, there isn’t much to love about a product that can generate you a huge ROI. Both the USB and Power Bank are incredibly useful and are only becoming increasingly so as technology continues to advance. They keep the customers happy. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, who can pass up a freebie?

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