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22 Mar 2013


Posted by alan on 22/03 | 1 comment

Once one of the most important pieces of technology for computer users around the globe, CDs and DVDs have become almost entirely obsolete. We are moving towards a mobile centric computing world, with people focusing on lightning fast flash hard drives, external memory sticks, and the cloud as a storage medium. Even new computers are ignoring and leaving out CD and DVD drives in their base installations, spelling doom for these once critical components.

With the rise of USB sticks, CDs and DVDs seem even more useless than they ever have before. There are a couple of critical differences between the two, and this short guide should provide you all of the necessary information you need to move forward with USB tools rather than these outdated physical memory technologies. CDs and DVDs are not Reusable Probably the biggest difference that CDs and DVDs have with custom USB sticks is the simple fact that once you’ve burned to CDs or DVDs, you have used them up and they were are no longer useful. You can’t easily delete and rewrite to most common CDs or DVDs solutions, unless of course you invest in the amazingly expensive DVD solutions.

Compared to USB flash memory, which can be jacked into almost any computer on the planet and written to, deleted, and then rewritten on, CDs and DVDs seem completely prehistoric. CDs and DVDs are Not as Stable or Safe Combined with their incredible reusability, promotional USB sticks and USB solutions in general are much more safe and reliable for your information and critical data. While CDs and DVDs offer you a world class physical backup of your information, they are too fragile and easily damaged to be trusted with important information that you cannot afford to lose.

Compare that with the USB tools history of being nearly indestructible and the almost lifetime use you can get out of flash memory, and you’d have to be a little bit crazy to ignore them as your primary backup solution. Conclusion USB sticks are the future of mobile backup and storage technology. Compatible with every single modern computer solution, as well as a number of other consumer electronics, your best bet is to move forward with the times and totally embrace USB memory solutions as soon as you possibly can. This is doubly true if you’re trying to protect and backup critical information, or need the kind of storage that you can reuse time and time again.

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CDs and DVDs aren’t as safe combined with their incredible re-usability, promotional USB sticks and USB solutions in general are much more safe.

By on 28th August 2013
From the entry 'USBs v CDs/DVDs'.

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