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USB Blog

10 Jun 2016

Protect Your Data - Check Your External Drives For Viruses

Posted by alan on 10/06 | 0 comments
Protect Your Data - Check Your External Drives For Viruses

Looking for extra ways to protect your data? In our blog 4 things you can do with a usb device, we showed you a way to encrypt your usb to protect your files if someone were to get hold of your flashdrive. Well it’s also important to protect your personalised usb devices from software threats too.

It’s not uncommon for people to get a virus on their computer. You are probably already in the habit of scanning for viruses on a regular basis to protect yourself from malicious software. What you may not be aware of is why scanning your removable drives is just as important.

Why Scan My External Device?

Scanning your removable flash drives for viruses is essential to keeping your files safe and for preventing you from passing a virus on to other computers. A virus is simply file, any storage device that can store a file can store a virus. Now some virus can be devastating to your storage device or even steal all the data that is stored within. Scanning for viruses often helps to ensure that you aren’t at any risk.

How Can I Scan My USB Device?

Scanning your external flash drive is really easy to do and could save you from the hassle of a particularly nasty virus. First of all you need to make sure you have some anti-virus software, if you don’t have any then get some to protect your data.

Once you have your anti-virus software installed scanning your external device is quite an easy thing to do.

Locate the device in "my computer"

Right click the device

Select "scan with (your anti-virus software)"

That's it, your virus protection software should now scan for any viruses on your storage device and keep you protected.

How Often Should I Scan For Viruses?

Only you can really answer this. The only thing I can advise is as often as possible. Some people will say every time you use the device, some people will say at least once a day. All I can say is don’t go more than a week without making sure you are safe. The more important the information you store the more you should do to keep it safe.

I hope this article has helped you to become more aware about ways in which you can protect yourself and your devices from attacks in the future.

What steps do you take to ensure you data is secure? We’d love it if you could leave a comment!

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