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13 Mar 2017

Personalised Flash Drives - The Best Choice for Your Next Promotion

Posted by alan on 13/03 | 0 comments
Personalised Flash Drives - The Best Choice for Your Next Promotion

These days, it’s hard ever imagine someone walking around with a wallet full of CD/DVDs or to even imagine floppy disks still being used in the workplace, but almost everyone owns a flash drive!

Flash drives are often used to save your important business or school work. However, they have plenty of other uses such as storing music, videos, executable programs and even video games! The capabilities of flash drives are only limited by their storage space.

USB Trader offers a wide variety of memory sticks that range largely in colour, size and design. We have a great number of personalised USB drives on offer that can twist and turn, have 3D logos and plenty more!

The average flash drive ranges anywhere from 64MB to 64GB to allow you to the exact space you need to meet your work’s needs. The flash drive's uses, however, can be more than just saving, transferring and copying files! These massive file holding memory devices can go far to help us set up wireless networks, install new software and even our operating system, to just name a few fantastic uses they offer.

Branded flash drives have become an important part of our culture, and are almost an essential to computer literate persons, along with those who are learning. Since the invention of the flash drive, saving and protecting your work from anything and everything has never been easier. In the past, the worry with floppy disks and CD/DVDs was that one wrong move and your storage device were instantly ruined. With a flash drive, you can put those worries away as flash memory is very safe and is tough to break, even with a drop to the floor!

All around access to your most important files for work or for home is the main reason to always keep a flash drive with you. Imagine working for a business firm, and your boss asks you for your report. Do you want to have to explain to them that you did it at your home computer and would need to go back to print it? No of course not! The far simpler option is to have it stored on your flash drive, plug it into your work computer and get it printed out, far simpler!

Overall, a flash drive is an almost essential factor to today’s working society, and without them, we’d have a lot harder time! So feel free to have a look around our product range to see what fits best for your company.

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