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20 Sep 2016

Personalised Flash Drives Really Make An Impact!

Posted by alan on 20/09 | 0 comments
Personalised Flash Drives Really Make An Impact!

How would you like a way to keep your firm’s name before current and prospective customers? Want a memento or gift for a special occasion? Consider a flash drive with your company’s logo, name and colours. Engraved or printed flash drives can be customised with text that you supply. USB or flash drives are available in a variety of shapes, so they can truly match the theme of your business or special occasion. It’s a great device that anyone with a computer could use. What’s even better is the reasonable price point!

Recall how information and files from your computer were previously stored. Floppy disks were the standard, but didn’t offer much capacity. Zip disks were an improvement and offered greater capacity, but soon became obsolete. Why so? Our computing needs have changed due at least in part to the extra memory required for certain software applications, music, and video. Consumers need the ability to easily archive files, transfer them to another machine or simply back up the day’s work.

Flash Drives Are Easily Customised To Meet Your Needs

Flash drives are state of the art, as they are compact with a lot of capacity. Easy to use, USB flash drives may be engraved or branded in a variety of customisable colours and styles. Some are rewriteable so that new information may be repeatedly saved. Others are read-only but remain a popular storage alternative depending on the needs of the user.

USB drives range in capacity from 64 MB to a whopping 64GB, are relatively light and use little of the computer’s power. They are practical for backing up a computerised POS terminal, saving important student projects and transferring music, business or personal files from one computer to another. Confidential files may be encrypted for added security. The new generation U3 flash drive has preloaded software so that a number of file types and applications can launch directly from it.

Printed or branded flash drives are great marketing tools offering customers and prospects a useful, high-tech and convenient prompt that they won’t be tempted to toss in the garbage.

Here at USB Trader we understand that having a USB flash drive at hand can make life so much simpler. Whether for work or for your own personal needs, personalised flash drives make an impact on each of our lives.

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