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09 Sep 2016

Is Packaging Important For Branded Flash Drives?

Posted by alan on 09/09 | 0 comments
Is Packaging Important For Branded Flash Drives?

There is a lot of division of opinion on whether flash drives should be put in a gift box or handed as is. There is of course no doubt that a branded personalised flash drive will look much more like a gift when it is handed out in a customised box. But if you are going to personalise the gift boxes, ensure that your supplier sends you the consignment of flash drives with only the minimum poly packs to protect the drives when in transit. Anything more would be a waste of your funds. These poly packs will keep your order of flash drives safe till you are ready to give them away. Also they will serve as a back up should you decide to ditch the idea of going with presentation boxes and want to give them out in the most basic of packs.

Whether you need to have a box for your promotional USB flash or not depends on the situation in which you will be distributing them. If you are giving it out during a high level conference to the delegates present, then you might as well get the printed box done. You can go a step further and provide a few accessories like a lanyard or a key ring attachment and the like in a box. If your budget permits you, placement for these accessories can creatively be introduced in the presentation box itself. The lanyard too can have a bit of customisation like your company name and logo printed on. Do keep in mind that this should be in a discreet place. People are not going wear a lanyard of any company when they go out, no matter how attractive it may look. You will defeat the very purpose if you don’t follow this rule

Basic Gift Boxes Can Be A Budget Friendly Alternative

If you want to provide gift boxes but don’t want to be too extravagant then talk to your supplier about giving you simple white boxes which are good enough and come with enough protection for the drive. You can take it up a notch by providing your company sticker on the white box and thereby personalising it to an extent. Printing on these boxes too is not very expensive. If you have a fixed number of people to whom you are going to gift these flash drives, then you could have their names printed on it. Else you could just go with contact details of your company. A catch phrase on your services would also be great.

Those who are against the concept of the box simply feel that this is a waste of funds. After all, the box is not going to be useful and will simply be thrown away. Another great alternative is to provide customers with usb's that have accessories. A lanyard or keychain attachment can go a long way with customers, helping them to look at your company with a sense of loyalty.

Investing in promotional flash drives is a trend that has really worked. The larger the memory size of the gift you make, the more people will tend to recall you each time they whip it out for use. The kind of storage space you provide will determine whether the promotional flash drive can be used for work and home or just for work. The more functionality a device has the better it is used and remembered.

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