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23 Jan 2017

How Printed USB Drives Can Benefit Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by alan on 23/01 | 0 comments
How Printed USB Drives Can Benefit Your Marketing Strategy

How would you like a way that allows you to keep your company name in the faces of your current and prospective customers? Are you looking for a memento or gift to show off a special occasion? Maybe you should consider picking yourself up a promotional flash drive that shows off your company’s logo, name and colours.

Personalised flash drives can be customised with text or logos that allow your company to show off its brand with a promotional gift that can be handed out at events, conferences or a general giveaway to customers. The USB Drives that we offer come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to fit your every need for your next marketing strategy.

A flash drive has a huge appeal to a global audience that anyone with a computer is able to make use of. Having a useful promotional gift is one of the keys to retaining a product and thus allowing your company’s logo or slogan to stay in the view of all your recipients. What makes a USB drive so valuable is not only it’s wide appeal and retainment, but it’s highly reasonable price point too!

With the evolution of today’s technology, the USB drive has revolutionised the way you can store your valuable data in such a small form factor. If you think back to the older days, the standard was CDs, Zip disks and Floppy disks… and none of these could even come close to the storage level that a USB is now capable of, not to even mention how none of these could match the compactness that a flash drive offers you too.

USB Drives have consistently grown in capacity from 64MB up to 64GB, which is far more than you’ll most likely need! There have even been recent developments to allow for USB drives to store up to an incredible 1TB! I don’t think anyone will ever be needing that much, however! These flash drives are always the perfect choice when it comes to storing and transporting sensitive information for work or for a student for example, and for added security, you can always encrypt these files too on your USB.

Promotional flash drives are a fantastic marketing tool that offers customers and prospects a useful, high-tech and convenient gift that they will almost always be able to find a use for, therefore keeping your company name and logo at the forefront of their minds. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to make your next marketing effort the most successful it can be and buy your USB drives through USBTrader!

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