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19 Jun 2017

Effectiveness of Portable Power Banks as Promotional Products

Posted by alan on 19/06 | 0 comments
Effectiveness of Portable Power Banks as Promotional Products

A branded logo power bank will boost your promo campaign and lead to increased sales and profitability. Branded logo power banks create an opportunity for you to connect with your clientele and employees through devices they use daily. A branded power bank will surely appeal to the technology savvy customers and prospects.

Again, these portable devices are useful to your employees and clientele. They are ideal for charging cell phones, laptops, and tablets anywhere. Get in touch with a brand consultant to help you find a promotional power bank that appeals to all ages and interests.

Benefits of power banks as promotional products


Branded logo power banks come with an impressive series of benefits. They are lightweight, so users can easily carry them around.

Power banks can be easily customised with your contact information, logo, company name, or promotional message. That way your clients and employees will display your promotional information anywhere. It can be in the office, out on appointments, or even when hanging out with friends.


Power banks are conveniently compact. That makes them a great product to have on the office desk, in the car, or when out on appointments. Every business strives to offer a giveaway that is useful and easy to carry around.

A branded logo power bank acts as an awesome reminder of your brand. It ensures your brand remains on top of the clients’ minds. Whenever they want to place a new order, they will first think of your brand.


Another notable benefit of a branded logo power bank is that it can charge different gadgets such as laptops, cell phones, and tablets with ease.

Promotional power banks have increasingly become ideal giveaways in the technological era where almost everyone uses a mobile phone. As such, they are an ideal promo product that can appeal to all your clientele and employees irrespective of age and occupation.

Most power banks come with USB inputs. That means they can practically charge any gadget that has USB input. Any device that has USB input such as GPS systems, laptops, smartphones, and tablets can be plugged into a portable power bank. As such, your clients’ mobile batteries will never run flat even when on the move.


When you compare the cost of branded logo power banks to cheap promo products such as notebooks, pens, and tea mugs, you realise that power banks are more valuable and durable. Investing in a power bank guarantees a long-term return on your investment. Always have a clear goal for purchasing your promo power banks. The main goal should be to encourage repeat purchases, boost company reputation, and increase brand awareness.

Easy to customise

Power banks make great promo products. They are easily customised to display any information you consider necessary. Interestingly, a power bank can be used as an original or alternative to a business card. With branded logo power banks, your clients have the name of your brand on hand everywhere.

Your clients will rarely leave their awesome portable chargers at home again, especially if they realise it works efficiently. If you are looking for a promo product that will make an impact on all your prospective business partners and clients, portable power banks can make a great marketing tool. Since they can be easily customised, portable chargers have become ideal promo products in the era of technology.

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