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28 Oct 2016

Choosing the Right Memory Stick Supplier

Posted by alan on 28/10 | 0 comments
Choosing the Right Memory Stick Supplier

Memory sticks are extremely versatile data storage devices. That having been said, it is but natural that there are many suppliers who are in fierce competition with one another. Considering that each one of them has to find clientele, there is a price war that is constantly on. When you are trying to decide on a flash drive supplier, there are a few basic points that you will have to keep in mind.

Speed Of Service

For starters you will have to look at the speed with which a company serves you. How efficient the service of a company is, depends on their business model. While small orders are often executed perfectly, larger orders of branded memory sticks lead to longer turnaround times. This costs both the company and the client. Companies that have a strong back end supply chain will best be able to service you.

Quality of Product

The quality of the product is also something that you will have to look into. Memory sticks bought in bulk are often for corporate gifting. Some companies use second hand chips in their USB sticks and this can lead to malfunctioning at any point.

Though these may be cheaper in terms of pricing, they will not look good on your company’s image when they fall in the hands of a client. When you look for a supplier, make sure they are one who does not cut corners when it comes to providing you with quality stuff. Doing a little ground work on the company that you plan to give bulk orders to would be ideal.

Financially Sound

Check into their financial status at the point of placing the order. If these companies are on the verge of shutting down, there is every chance that your order will not see the light of day. If your supplier shuts down, you will have lost your advance payment as well as the chances of getting your order.

Reviewed and Recommended

There is nothing like relying on a company that comes well recommended. If they have already executed an order of the magnitude that you are placing, then they are likely to do a good job on yours. Once you get comfortable with a supplier, you will be able to return to them each time assured that the job will be done well. Never hesitate to ask for references or past client contacts. Check out some of our customer reviews here at usb trader.


All vendors have to be RoHS compliant as well as WEEE. This will significantly reduce your chances of getting into any trouble related to the environment.

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