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08 Feb 2017

A Promotional USB - Your New Business Card

Posted by alan on 08/02 | 0 comments
A Promotional USB - Your New Business Card

Branded promotional USB drives are a great marketing investment that can be employed in a variety of ways. Handing them out with or instead of your business card is a manoeuvre that will set you apart from the crowd. In the world of today there are plenty of advancements in technology which have allowed even USBs to be formed to the size and width of your traditional business card!

Business Card Basics

Coupling your USBs with a business card could be a great way to create a conversation, get some engagement and hopefully lead to a conversion. The basics of business cards are as follows:

1. Always have a business card ready. Bring a ready supply with you wherever you go for business.
2. Don’t hand out lots of cards randomly.
3. Conclude a conversation with a handshake and a business card.
4.Your business card represents you and your business, so be sure that it is professional and stands out in a positive way.

The Best USB Business Card

Choosing a wallet-sized emissary for yourself, your brand or your business is a decision which requires thoughtful consideration. How would fresh eyes view your USB card? What are you putting forward? What are you leaving out?

Simplicity is key. Whatever you are trying to convey, distil it. Demonstrate it rather than print it in words.

Design your card around a list of the top five descriptive words you would most wish to convey about yourself or your business. Arrange the design elements to create a subtle impression that lingers with your contact, customer or vendor.

When in doubt, err on the side of understatement. A little variety goes a long way, however if you deviate too much from your intended vision, the card will be forgotten or misplaced too easily.

The information printed on your USB card must be simple, minimal and readable. A card that is unappealing or difficult to read will create an amateur impression and foster a feeling of doubt or annoyance. With the large print area that we offer, there are plenty of design possibilities available to you, so don’t waste out on the space that you use to advertise.

Promotional Hand-Outs

Promotional items are marketing tools, not unlike that trusty business card. A great promotional item not only advertises a brand, it creates an impression. The swag you choose to represent your company or brand communicates identity without saying a word.

There are fun, strange, useless and useful promotional items available in a wide array of associated price tags. If you are looking to spend a lot without saying much, you will find that you have a great many options. Making a savvy decision, however, means thinking in terms of return on investment. The smart money is on maximising the usefulness of a hand-out to your contact while minimising the cost to your company.

Thanks For The Memory!

Who wouldn’t appreciate a free memory stick? Useful promotional items see use. The more use it sees, the more you or your company will be thought of. Truly great swag engenders affection and brand loyalty.

A USB promotion rivals the usefulness of such classics as the pen/stylus, the magnet, or the keychain flashlight. Logo-embroidered polo shirts and personalised wine bottles are memorable, to be sure, but will see less use and are a greater investment.

A USB With Your Name On It

For new professional contacts, it is important to keep the level casual, friendly and helpful. Offering a small but useful, branded USB drive instead of or in addition to your traditional business card creates a bit of professional good feeling.

Incorporating promotional flash drives into your networking routine will help you to be remembered. Give it a try!

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