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05 Feb 2016

5 Reasons You Need A Power Bank

Posted by alan on 05/02 | 0 comments
5 Reasons You Need A Power Bank

It’s 2016 and there are still so many people who don’t have a power bank to get them out of trouble in a pinch. Now we’re not saying that a power bank will always come in handy, but it’s certainly nice to have when the need arises.

Imagine this situation, we’ve all experienced it so it isn’t difficult. You’ve gone out for the day, whether for work or social reasons, and your phone runs out of battery. it’s not a nice situation to be in and sometimes can be vital to stopping whatever plans you had. Because of reasons like this we’re going to list 5 reasons why we think you could do with getting yourself a power bank.

Before we give you our list, we think it’s important to explain what a power bank is to those who may not know. A Power Bank is like a portable power outlet that you can take with you wherever you go. This gives you the ability to charge your electrical products whilst away from home or the office!

1. Allows You To Work On The Move!

There’s nothing worse than your phone dieing on you whilst you’re typing out an email. If you are travelling by train to meetings you may even be hours away from being able to recharge it. What can you do, you have work to do and no way to get back to it. A power bank is a great way of getting back to work. Simply plug in your phone and get back to your important emails.

2. Let Me Take A Selfie!

You never know when the time arises that you’ll be able to take the perfect selfie. Having a power bank means you will be ready when the time arrives. Being a small size they fit easily inside your bag or pocket so should you need that quick bit of juice to take the best selfie ever you will be prepared. Snap that picture and revel in all of it’s glory!

3. We Get It, You Vape!

Over the last couple of years loads of people have quit smoking and started vaping, the last thing you want to happen is for your batteries to run out whilst you aren’t able to recharge them. With a power bank you can easily charge your vapourizer and continue on with your business.

4. OMG! She Really Said That.

It’s unavoidable, whenever we find the time we all take a quick glance at our social media feeds to stay up to date with the latest gossip and who’s doing what. These days our social media profiles tend to be an extension of ourselves, like an extra limb. How are we supposed to keep people up to date on what we are up to if our phone runs out of battery while we’re out? Don’t fear give you phone a quick bit of juice using a power bank and you’ll be able to tell the world!

5. Just One More Game

We’ve all done it, at some point or another we’ve downloaded that game that just seems to get it’s hooks into us. Well don’t worry, with a power bank you’ll be able to keep on playing even while you’re away, without the worry of using up all of your battery and being left without the use of your phone.

This is just 5 reasons we could think of for why more people could benefit from getting a power bank, there are plenty of other reasons and we’re sure you can think of a few yourselves. If you can think of anything to add or maybe you feel we’ve missed something important let us know below. We’d love to hear what you have to say on the matter.

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