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11 Apr 2013

10 Ways to Improve Your Productivity at Work

Posted by alan on 11/04 | 0 comments
10 Ways to Improve Your Productivity at Work

Frazzled. This is how you feel when you leave the office after a frustrating day of futile effort. That unfinished report. Or, even worse, that substandard report that you’ve already submitted. But we all have the power to make those days vanish. Poof. And there is no magic wand required. Here are ten simple ways to boost your efficiency at work.

Focus, My Friends

1. Resist the urge to multi-task. With all of your might. Recent research shows that focusing on one task at a time is – by far –the most productive way to work.

2. Take breaks. It is foolish to think that you do not have time to take regularly scheduled breaks. You absolutely do. Because you will get more done. Our pal science tells us that this is true.

3. Do not surf the Internet. Period. Just put down your mouse and walk away from your computer when you are taking a productivity break..

Serene Spaces

4. Work in a serene, clean space with few distractions. Have a serious look at everything in your office. If you do not need it there, remove it. Pronto.

5. Your computer screen should look clean. Yes, this rhymes. And will help you boost your productivity.

Terrific Technology

6. Use memory sticks to keep your current project files together and accessible. Just plug in that time-saving device and you have everything you need to get started in front of you. In seconds.

7. Learn keyboard shortcuts. They exist for a reason: saving you time.

8. Use USB sticks to lock your computer when you are away from it. Spy style. Knowing that your PC is always secure when you are away from it will bring you peace of mind. And keep your files secure.

9. Have a custom shape USB made so that you can identify it anywhere. Maybe one that looks exactly like your lime-green surf board. Hey, who said that work can’t be fun?

10. If you are a small business owner, have promotional usb sticks made up for your staff. Not only is it cool for workers to be able to give out such nifty gifts to clients and friends, but the group will begin to use them to share information and files, boosting productivity. Begone frazzled feelings. Welcome positive productivity. Life is short. We all need to work smart so that we can live life as happily as we totally deserve to.

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