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19 Oct 2016

What Makes a USB Drive Such a Good Promotional Gift?

Posted by alan on 19/10 | 0 comments
What Makes a USB Drive Such a Good Promotional Gift?

When using a USB Drive in your next marketing campaign or promotion you may be wondering why they have been so consistently popular for such a long time as a promotional product.

These Flash Drives that companies personalise with their logo and contact details are used to great effect and have a universal appeal to all those who may receive it, but what actually makes them so well received? Well, there’s plenty of reasons so if you’re still curious then read on!

To start off, a USB Drive is a bit of technology that essentially allows you to store important files and information from your computer that is fully portable, and usable in just about every computer or laptop that now exists in the modern day. Since we are living in the age of technology you can understand why utilising a Flash Drive within your campaign could be an incredible idea for your company. But anyway, let's explain further on why these points are great to note for your next marketing idea.

Portable and Accessible USB Flash Drives for Your Company

With portability, accessibility and efficiency being the utmost of importance in the working world, getting your own Branded USB Drives to your audience will allow you to provide recipients with a valuable resource that will not only help their working capabilities but will also remind them of your company and it’s understanding of their needs.

As the option to remove the CD/DVD drive from a laptop to create lower profile and lighter options is becoming more popular the need and desire for a USB Drive has never been so much of a popular idea, and with the increases in technology from a USB Drive you’ll be able to provide a huge amount of storage that can extend easily to 64GB that can fit between your finger and thumb!

With Flash Drives being such a sought after and used item, most users don’t just stop at putting a few files on there. People are increasingly loading all their programs and applications on USB Drives to allow them to use everything they would at home, but now from any computer thanks to the USB! Such applications that tend to be used are browsers like Chrome or a media player they prefer to the standard for example. There are plenty more applications that can be loaded of course so don't let me make you think otherwise!

The USB’s capabilities extend as far as the user will allow them to take it, as they can also be used for troubleshooting computers along with even being able to be used for installing a new Operating System without the use of a CD at all.

USB Drives from USB Trader

Having not even touched upon the fact that with a USB drive you get a massive amount of customisation, your company can change the storage size from 64MB up to 64GB and personalise it however you want. Some USB drives that are a big hit are our 3D Flash Drives, Aero USBs and the ever popular Twister USB Drive. Feel free to check out all the other fantastic promotional USBs we have on offer, you are sure to not be disappointed!

Being able to do so many things, it’s not that difficult to see how valuable a branded USB Drive can be for your company. Offering a consistent visibility to your brand and being able to be taken anywhere possible, you’ll be severely impressed to see just how powerful the USB Drive is as a marketing tool for your business, so don’t hesitate and either order or get a quote for yours today at USB Trader.

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