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22 Oct 2013

Should I Buy Pre-loaded USB Memory Sticks?

Posted by alan on 22/10 | 0 comments
Should I Buy Pre-loaded USB Memory Sticks?

We offer promotional USB memory sticks both blank and ready-formatted; or pre-loaded with custom data that's supplied to us by you, the client. Here's why we give you the choice (and save you the effort of loading the data onto the drives yourself).

If you're buying USB memory sticks from us for a promotional campaign, chances are you've asked us to pre-load them with custom content. We believe that it's a service that's crucial to any sales campaign.  In the long run, not only are your customers pleased to get a useful promotional gift, but it also comes with all the sales information – product lists, prices, videos, photographs, PowerPoint presentations – they'll need to help them make up their mind about a future purchase.

Obviously, you've got the choice whether you buy your memory sticks blank or pre-loaded, and it all depends on how you think they'll be used once they're out there in the wild. If you think it's all about getting your name out there with a positive reminder of your company name every time the device is used, then go right ahead with blank, ready-formatted drives for your clients.

A blank, branded USB stick is a memorable gift. A branded, pre-loaded item significantly increases your chances of a sale. What goes on the memory drive is limited only by your imagination and the capacity of the drive. As we tell our new customers: This can double the impact of your promotion in addition to a smartly branded Twister USB Flash Drive, your target audience will also have valuable information relating to your services at their fingertips when they need them.

Clearly, you could take the option of buying blank drives and loading the data yourself. But for a large promotional campaign that may involve you giving out hundreds or thousands of devices to clients, wouldn’t you rather this job was done by somebody else? We offer pre-loading for free with all orders on our standard lead time and all data is handled confidentially for complete peace of mind.

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