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24 Aug 2016

Promotional Flash Drives, What You Need To Know

Posted by alan on 24/08 | 0 comments
Promotional Flash Drives, What You Need To Know

Flash drives as a means of promotion are in great demand today. You get them in all shapes and sizes and printed surfaces. In fact they are quite popular simply because you can pre-load them with promotional information which your clientele can later erase and use for personal requirements.

Why these flash drives work as promotional means is because they have huge recall value. Every time your client reaches for his USB drive, he is bound to look at your printed logo on the outside. In case it is shaped in a unique way, it may even draw comments and queries from others and your product or service will receive more attention.

When you set out to order or buy flash drives for promotional purposes, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind. To begin with go with the right style. Be creative but not overly so. Your message should come across in a clear and precise manner and should warrant a second look each time someone comes across it. The best would be to work along with your supplier as they will have a better idea of what works and what does not. They will also have a portfolio of work to choose from.

The Right Storage Size Can Make All The Difference

Depending on the client you are giving it to, invest in the right memory capacity for your promotional flash drives. This is especially important when you plan to permanently store your company’s data on a segment of the drive. No point in handing out flash drives that are not really useful.

Your company colours should be discreet but clear. No one likes to carry a product around that screeches of a particular product or service. It can look cheesy. It is enough if the user of the personalised flash drive is aware of where he got the product from. Innovate ways in which to make your presence felt without have to use bold interfaces. Sit with your supplier and figure out all the ways in which to have your logo printed. There are several means such as spot printing, dome stickers etc. Each of these have their own benefit, depending on the type of environment and situation they are needed in. Of course, you budget also plays a huge role.

Have all your artwork finalised and then run a trial print before actually going all the way. This is essential to prevent any mistakes from happening, such as half your design being printed etc. Also give yourself enough of a time frame to get the work done. You can never say what hiccups you may run into on the way and you would want any trouble with delivery dates. Here at USB Trader we aim to get you exactly the right flash drive for your needs, so take your time to think about exactly what it is you want to achieve.

How do you plan to use your branded usb's? We'd love to hear from you down in the comments below!

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