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18 Nov 2016

Flash Drive Care Information

Posted by alan on 18/11 | 0 comments
Flash Drive Care Information

A new promotional item out on the market today is the branded, or, printed flash drive. These are really handy little promotional items, ones that will be used frequently which is great for advertising a business.
Branded flash drives are often given as incentives to employees, or special clients, but the giver should also advise the user on how to care for the flash drive. Flash drives are now used for everything! They can hold computer data, music, pictures, etc. Putting it simply the flash drive has taken the place of the floppy, and the truth is, that the branded flash drive is much sturdier than the floppy disk ever was.

Flash drives can go anywhere, but because of their easy portability, they can also be damaged a lot easier too. Flash drives run a higher risk of getting wet, having the casing break when dropped or being damaged from rolling around in dirty pockets or purses.

Are Wet Flash Drives Really Lost?

In many cases when a branded flash drive gets wet, there just isn’t much you can do. But you may want to wait and try it when all the circuits dry out.

Flash Drives with Broken Cases

If you dropped the flash drive and want to retrieve the data it is often accessible, you just need to be careful with the way you insert the flash drive into the USB port.

Disk Failure for No Apparent Reason

Everything on a Flash drive whether its music, documents, pictures or whatever you may have on there is data and should you not be able to open that data for any reason, you can use one of the disk recovery programs or utility software to correct errors and recover data. Every once in a while, you should run the ChKDSK utility to check the flash drive and make sure that it is still in good working order. If you notice that the flash drive starts acting up, and continually has problems then don’t keep saving crucial data on it.

In Conclusion

If you buy printed flash drives to give away or to give as promotional items, be sure to keep them in a safe dry place until you distribute them. Flash drives are always susceptible to failure or damage, but often last more than a year, which is perfect for people that want to transport data, change it to another hard drive to save for later use, or keep it temporarily for future reference.

There are ways to reference lost or damaged data from branded flash drives, but the moment you begin to notice that the flash drive starts acting funny, stop using it. It’s a good time to start looking for another printed flash drive.

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