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12 Jun 2017

Factors to Consider When Choosing Promotional USB Flash Drives and Power Banks

Posted by alan on 12/06 | 0 comments
Factors to Consider When Choosing Promotional USB Flash Drives and Power Banks

All businesses irrespective of size are looking for unique and inexpensive ways to promote their brands. In recent years, logo-branded power banks and USB flash drives have proved to be effective promotional tools for many enterprises.

USB flash drives and power banks come in all sizes, shapes, styles, storage capacity, and quality level. Therefore, before you rush out and purchase a bulk of branded USB flash drives and power banks, consider these factors to help you choose the best promotional product:


Quality is the paramount factor to consider before buying a promotional power bank and USB flash drive. Note that there are thousands of suppliers providing low-quality power banks, with many completely unfit for power storage. Low-quality products are usually made by unscrupulous manufacturers in an attempt to lower costs.

Giving away low-quality USB flash drives and power banks will definitely disappoint customer experience and eventually hurt your company’s reputation. Look whether a power bank has a rating plate and ensure it has manufacturer’s quality assurance metrics.


USB flash drives come in different capacities. The storage capacity on USBs we offer range from 1GB to 32GB, which is far more than you need in most scenarios.

The capacity of a promotional USB flash drive depends on the volume of files you intend to preload into the drives. Similarly, the most critical factor in determining the price of a power bank is the storage capacity. Consider whether your portable charger will be used for charging multiple devices or as an emergency backup.


USB flash drives and power banks come in different varieties to suit your promotional needs. With plenty of flash drives on offer, you can pick from our wide variety of USBs in order to tailor exactly to your customers. Conversely, the most popular power bank options include high capacity power banks, small capacity power banks, built-in charging cables, and rugged portable chargers.

Engraving & Logo printing

There are various options of logo printing and engraving. The most popular options include Laser Engraving, Photo Printing, and Screen Printing. Each option is better suited for certain materials and products.

Quick turnaround time

If you’re in a rush to get a promotional gift out to customers and clients, then you’ll need to ensure you’re keeping your eye on turnaround times when shopping. It can take probably 7 days or less from receiving a formal delivery order. However, at USB Trader we offer a number of express USB drives that can get to your door in just a couple of days!

Standby time

Apart from the intensity of charge, consider the duration that a power bank can hold power in the standby mode. Choose a small, powerful, and fashionable (if that’s your thing!) power bank that can be recharged easily at any place.

Power current

Power input for a portable power bank is measured in amperes (A). The measurement indicates how quickly the power bank can recharge from USB. Therefore, note that the higher the measurement, the quicker a power bank can recharge. Currently, the standard speed for recharging a smartphone is 2A and the preferred current for charging numerous electronics simultaneously is 5.4A.

Of course, you will need to maintain top notch customer services and your marketing at full blast. However, a free power bank or USB drive can be a great way to reinforce your brand’s reputation. Now that you have learned how to select the perfect USB drive and power bank for your promotional needs, shop with confidence.

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